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My zone of genius is empowering women to feel more confident in their financial decisions, experience a fun, flirty relationship with their money, develop wicked money management ninja skills, curb feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, and hopelessness, and conquer all the obstacles standing in the way of creating the life they want. 

Hi, I'm Nicole Renee – therapist, author, & empowerment fanatic

I help women heal their relationship with money, overcome life's many challenges, make more money, and manage it in fun, flirty (and strategic) ways...

...without giving up all of life’s guilty pleasures. 

  • they’re feeling tired of drowning in debt despite all their best efforts to get their spending habits under control…

  • they want to end money drama and finally have calm, constructive money talks with their partner/clients/friends/family…

  • they feel so frustrated, overwhelmed, over-worked, and defeated that they’re tempted to give up on their dreams...

  • they want to make a positive impact in the world- while creating money, freedom, and joy in their lives- but don't know where to start

I'm a trusted guide to help you navigate all the emotional and financial ups and downs.

People turn to me for help when...

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Here's the full story on my professional life

I have a 20+ year background in psychology and am a licensed psychotherapist. I’ve spent most of my career in private practice providing individual and couple’s therapy to clients.

I’ve owned and operated a holistic mental health practice for the past 12 years.

At one point, I was $87,000 in debt and losing money in my business EVERY DAY.

After a *HUGE* sob fest, I started applying the strategies and techniques I use in couple’s therapy to my relationship with money…which resulted in paying off all my debt in just 2 YEARS and multiplying my income x 5 in eight months!…and since then, I’ve been helping other women do the same.

I used to be a police officer and had big dreams of working for the FBI as a criminal profiler. Only problem was I effing hated being a cop. It’s depressing.

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